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"Sticky" material for pocket holsters

Hi, all!

I'm planning to make a pocket "wallet" style holster for my new LCP. I would like to attach some sort of "sticky" material to the outside so that it won't move around in my pocket.

Does anyone know what DeSantis uses in their "Nemesis" type holsters? Also, I once had an Uncle Mike's holster with some sort of rough material on it that made it practically impossible to slide against cloth. Does anyone know what type of material this is, and, more importantly, a source for it?

I hate to have to buy an Uncle Mike's pocket holster just to deconstruct it to salvage the sticky material, even though it's only around $10. I also don't wish to purchase any of the commercially available pocket holsters out there. I prefer to make my own to my specifications.

Appreciate any help anyone can provide! Thanks!
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