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PD did not manufacture the gun. They sold it to you on consignment. Which means they sold it for somebody else, right?
The problem lies with the manufacturer who decided to scrimp and save $15 bucks by using a ZINC slide instead of even pig iron or mild steel.
Some people will use a small .22 or other mousguns for two reasons. Number one, a hit with a .22 will be more effective than a miss with a .45 and honestly, a gun you carry all the time everywhere is better for self defense than one you leave at home or in the car.
All these guys supposedly packing wide slide HUSPS and Glunks, I cant help but wonder why I never see 'em printing when I am hanging out at Wally World....

>>The dealer I purchased the gun from on consignment P&D Enterprises in Edmonton, Alberta, made zero effort to help me resolve this issue.<<<
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