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Cleaning Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols

I'm pretty rigid in cleaning my rifles, shotguns and pistols; before range time and after, before hunting season and after. My deer rifles are stripped and cleaned before hunting season and after, even though usually there are only two shots fired - a fowling shot and a kill shot. My most offend use deer rifles are a Winchester 100 carbine and a HK 770. They are both spic and span. However, sometimes I cut corners, like after bagging a deer. Then just the barrel gets swabbed. This last week I cleaned two rifles from several years ago. My Winchester 100 carbine .308 and a sporterized T38 in 6.5X57 Mauser. I've use my HK 770 the last two years and the T38 was last used by a friend several years ago. I shot a six point buck about 4 PM on the first day of 2019 WI gun season with my Win 100. My friend dropped an 11 point buck in its tracks about 5 minutes after I shot with my T38. We got both bucks loaded on the back of my Samurai and head for the bar to celebrate. Both guns were wipe down and barrels swabbed quickly the next day, as we had deer to process. They just now got the cleaning they deserved.

This last week both guns got a through cleaning. Between their use I have purchased a Teslong bore scope. It was the first time I had looked in each barrel with the bore scope. The Win 100 barrel was clean except for two spots with minor rust just in front of the chamber and a couple lands had copper built up about a inch long. The gas hole in the barrel was almost plugged from 60 years of crud build up. What really surprised me was the roughness in the barrel from the factory machining process. Now this gun was made almost 60 years ago. The lands and groves were extremely rough from machining. I would never have expected a barrel to be so rough.

I bought the T38 about 15 years ago for $150.00. It had been sporterized and had a nice Bishop stock on it. I re-barreled it with a $100.00 Midway barrel and chambered it 6.5X57 Mauser. I think those barrels were made for Midway by Green Mountain. I did a lot of shooting with it after re-barreling. Anyways that barrel looked extremely smooth with the Teslong bore scope. I did see a couple of spots where copper fowling was building up on the rifling. That copper is now removed.

The Teslong bore scope was only $47.00. It really open my eyes. This coming winter I plan on cleaning the remaining 30 rifles, shotguns and pistols.
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