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I have owned and shot my 659 since my Taurus PT-99 broke in 1988 - traded in my repaired PT-99 and a wad of cash for it. While a bit heavy and a little thick in the hand, it is a rock-solid performer. No hiccups ever, and I mean ever! Other than replacing the ugly plastic grips with some nicer wood ones, I've never done a thing to it. I will dab a bit of oil on the slide before shooting it. Honestly, I don't think I need to do this, but I do.

Accuracy - pretty good; better than my Glock 19, but not as good as my CZ 75B, Hi-Power or a number of other higher end guns.

The trigger is ok, but not the best. The action could use a fluff-'n buff to make it a bit smoother. But, this isn't necessary - it's just a darn good workhorse of a gun - should last many lifetimes.

Don't forget, before the Glock became the weapon of choice for the police, many departments used the crap out of 659's and the later 5906's. The only complaints I ever heard were some cops thought they they were heavy and stuck out a bit in their holster.

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