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SWAT says:switch to off eye when cross dominant?

My boy has made the SWAT team with his department. The team is well thought of and run by good people. As a youth, I recognized he was cross dominant (so was his Grandad) and started him with long guns on his "off" left shoulder, using his master left eye. He's shot competitively, (long gun off left sholder) and thru his basic LE academy well . On his first day of dry practice with the team, he was encouraged to switch back to his right shoulder and his "off" eye as a basic presentation and technique by the team instructor and firearms people.

Speaking with bamaboy further, the logic is apparently that with a dot sight, it will not matter what shoulder he shoots from,and his manipulation of the carbine will be more fluid and faster. He runs the carbine well from the left at present....

I understand that shooting and running the carbine from either shoulder is important regards use of cover. But I have some instructor background myself, and have never heard of having a shooter switch to their off side, mainly to facilitate manipulating the carbine. Is there not an advantage to running a long gun with the master eye? Wouldn't shooting accurately, quickly and intuitively, be more important than a faster reload? Isn't good shooting secondary to quick reloads, especially since transition to the pistol is the primary response to shooting the carbine dry in an emergency?

What am I missing?
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