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I think increased muzzle velocity could give the nod to the JSP, especially in larger game.
What increased velocity? A 158gr bullet is a 158gr bullet. Now, if you are talking about the rounder nose of a JSP giving it a slightly higher retention of velocity, at extreme range, you can measure it, but I believe that the difference is essentially insignificant.

One other advantage to the JSP not yet mentioned is that a JSP of a certain design may feed better in a semi auto than some designs of JHP.

This is particularly important when shooting older guns, designed before JHPs were commonly loaded. Like the WWII milsurps, and similar era designs.
New shooters today have no idea how lucky they are to have so much available. There was a time, a long time when the only ammo for semi autos was FMJ. Nothing else in semi auto cartridges came from the ammo makers, except some target ammo, and some of that was FJM SWC.

Handloaders could get JHP and JSP bullets though. But with the designs available, many semi autos just wouldn't feed HP ammo without the attention of a good gunsmith, and sometimes not even then.

If you could find a JSP that would feed in your 1911A1, Luger, P.38, or Hi Power when hollow points wouldn't, you were still a long way ahead of FMJ ammo.

Some JSPs wouldn't feed all that well in some guns, either, all depending on the gun, and the nose profile of the bullet, how much lead exposed, where, etc.

Modern designs are made from the start to feed JHP ammo, at least in the more common nose profiles, and its expected by the customers. That wasn't always the case.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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