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Here's a good example of the difference between JSP and JHP in Hornady's XTP bullet line for .357 caliber. I've shot quite a few deer with the .357mag using a number of different handguns and a few with .357mag rifles. Very rarely does the JHP exit the deer when shot at any distance or at any angle. Simply changing to the JSP has permitted over half the hits to exit the animal due to deeper penetration. Both bullets work well and I've never lost a single deer with either bullet in .357mag. The JHP opens up quite a bit in a very short distance. The JSP will also open up quite a bit, but it needs to go further to do so. That's an apples vs apples comparison. I'm not sure one is any better than the other based on a large sample size (50+). I think increased muzzle velocity could give the nod to the JSP, especially in larger game.
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