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Originally Posted by Tennessee Gentleman View Post
Brothers and Sisters,
An old Army buddy and I are arguing about the phenomenon called knock down power and I have stated that it is a myth.

Further, I have stated that Newton's Third Law renders the idea impossible in that a round fired with enough "power" to knock down a person (standing normally and not drunk or drugged) would also knock down the shooter.

He says "Ahh, Newton’s third law…it doesn’t apply as you imply. If the bullet stopped at the muzzle with no means of continuing forward or projecting that force forward, the reciprocal force might cause the shooter to be knocked down. But, since the forward force is continuous and dissipated along the trajectory of flight (and the backward force is mitigated by recoil controlling design) said knocking down of the shooter only happens occasionally."

He is a .45 ACP guy.

So, what am I missing?
Well I have Great Great Great...Grandpa's Colt Revolver from the Civil War. The thing is a metal baseball bat, and definitely has knockdown power if he smacked you with it...

Now as a this is a discussion of the .45 ACP, we all know this is of course true. Everyone knows a .45 ACP will blow the engine right out of a car. In fact, I have it on good authority that the dive bombers that sank four Japanese carriers at Midway, didn't have bombs. The crews just threw single magazines from their 1911s out the window and... the rest is history.

"I can run rampant in the Pacific for six months, but then the Americans will start dropping .45 ACPs at us, and we are doomed."

"The Germans have just launched two million men at us at Kursk. Its ok, I've dispatched two men in an American Jeep with an American Tommy gun. The Germans don't stand a chance."
-Marshal Sergei Zhukov.

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