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I have to smirk a little when I see the price tags on some of the jackets/cold weather clothing at places like Ba$$ Pro Shop$. Must seem tempting if you don't want to bother doing research, but it is simply not necessary to spend a fortune on clothing.

There is no shortage of fine surplus military gear for SUPER cheap in surplus stores or on various gun/hunting websites, or even ebay and amazon. If you buy a Czech or Swedish or Russian parka for example, you are getting gear that has been well proven to perform in very cold environments. Nothing against Evil-Mart, uhhh, I mean Wal-Mart, but I like to have gear that is a bit more unique than what you see there.

I'll also vouch for LL Bean quality, but it's not necessary to spend that much to more than get the job done. And again, you can find LL Bean gear lightly used on ebay or amazon also. LL Bean tends to be on the expensive side, although I am very, very happy with my double front jeans (flat out cheap at $44!). They are right up there with Carhartt for toughness. If you are in a truly cold area, a thermal layer such as Underamor, then either a heavy flannel shirt or Norwegian style wool sweater and a slightly large (to allow layering) military style parka on the outside will stop almost anything. Just remember to protect your most vulnerable area, your head!
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