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I would not get too wrapped up in the "camo" thing if you are trying not to spend a lot of money.Military clothes are of subdued,drab colors.They aren;t shiny.They will do fine.Being still and using your surroundings is more important than a camo pattern.Charcoal grey pants and a GI field jacket work pretty well standing in trees.

Outer pants about like the class "A" military dress pants or some good winter suit pants make a decent outer layer.They will be thin and light.Put the polypro long johns under.I have a pair of the German pants that are heavier,about like PolarFleece but wool.(BTW,polar fleece can be reasonably priced).If it gets windy,cheap nylon jogging pants worn over will stop wind.(not the sealed waterproof ones,you'll sweat)

Another excellent piece is the GI field jacket liner,the one that is about like a poncho liner.

If it is not wet out,the desert storm hooded parka is a nice shell,green/black checked night vision camo.They had a liner a little longer than a field jacket liner,I think.

All this stuff is pretty light,cheap,and packable.Swing it around over your head and you can get it near dry enough to wear.

Don't forget your hands and your head.
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