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Ostridge leg leather for outer holster layer ???

I'm still working on my custom holster for my S&W spur trigger with the red grips... last week I cut open the stiching on the holster I was using, that the gun fit pretty good ( it was a bit long on the bottom though ) & took a piece of my leather, & traced out a pattern... I tried to leave the belt loop fold over pretty large, as I'm doing something totally different in that area of the holster, but by the time I figured out what I wanted, I used that piece as a pattern & traced out one more, re-shaping a few areas... I now have a pattern I like alot.. I had cut out a "window" for the cylinder, but think after stitching up the belt loop area & adding a thin piece of aluminum to the top above the "window", as a stiffener ( which BTW this was a treat to work with ... ), that my "window" is now off to one side a bit too much ( so I may re-trace another, & either not cut the window out until later in the process, or cut it too small to start with, & "fit it better, as the holster is closer to getting done )

the actual piece of textured leather I need is really small, & on one web site or another I saw Ostridge leg leather tanned & dyed for a pretty reasonable price, & with a really nice scale look texture... I'm sure these colors are chrome tanned, but it would only be the outside of the holster...

...thoughts ??? anyone ever used this type of leather for the outsides of a holster ???

BTW... I've found them much cheaper than this, but this site has better pictures...

BTW... I think I could make some money doing Horse Harness stuff... I've already repaired a couple for MRS. MAGNUM's gal friend next door... she was so impressed, she said she could send me all the work I wanted... um... I said no thanks... just doing it as a favor for her... got no interest in sewing other peoples ( non gun ) related leather right now... I'm still trying to learn enough to do my own projects...
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