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Dragoon Revolver in 45-70 by Firearm Specialties

I have just purchased a replica 1860 Army percussion revolver made by Firearm Specialties in Fulton, MI. They made a Dragoon also which was chambered for 45-70 cartridges and the 1860 Army percussion revolver. These were made in the early 1960's. Has anyone ever heard of this company? My 1860 is marked "Firearm Specialties". Interesting also is that the barrel wedge is fitted from right side instead of the left side. This was probably to easily distinguish it from an original since there was a big scare in the early 1960's about converting replicas to pass as originals. L. A. Jensen of Lake City, FL., the very first replica percussion revolver to be manufactured, made his Spiller & Burr reproduction in .44cal. for the same reason.

Would very much appreciate any information anyone may have about this firearm. I do not even know the name of the person who made these, just a company name.
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