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p3ordie, I shoot IPSC at that club regularly! in fact I'm going there tommorow for the monthly match.
Like what other's said stick with what you got and decide later. If you like production class, what you have is adequate/competitve enough. I for one, I f I had known that production class and limited 10 is coming, I would have stick with my Ruger p89 and Springfield P9 (my first guns). When I started IPSC(1994) there were no limited 10 and prod. class, just open and limited. I too plunked out some serious dough (for me at least, it was) and bought a trick out hi-cap 1911 (STI). Looking back, I should have spent the money on reloading instead, so I can shoot a lot and become truely competitive. I learned that like most other sports, expensive equipment doesn't buy skill, skill comes from practice and dedication. So, my advice is, instead of a new blaster, get a reloading set-up (if you haven't yet) and practice a lot! just my .02 cents
I hope to see you there tommorow! (I drive a Honda civic with Il. license plate) Good luck and safe shooting!
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