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Originally Posted by TruthTellers View Post
IDK what was out there in print media or the few gun related shows back in the 90s for ballistics testing, but my guess is after Miami 86 a lot of people became suspicious of 9mm's ability to work and went with bigger calibers because... well, bigger must mean it's better.

Things change, we have a lot more scientific evidence to determine what's satisfactory and 9mm has checked all the boxes. Even before all these P365 type pistols came out what were the hottest selling pistols for conceal carry? Single stack polymer 9mm's with capacities well under 10 rounds.

Also, if states that already have 10 rd mag capacity laws then why is it we're not seeing or hearing about an usually high amount of people with CCW's are carrying .45's? The answer is they're not, they're carrying 9s.
They are carrying 40s!
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