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Holes can be filled in.
You're right, and someone supposedly makes a cover or "filler" for the visual monstrosity that is the Hillary Hole. But that's like covering an ugly scab with a band-aid.

Even then you know it's still there. It's like trying to ignore an infected wisdom tooth. But unlike an infected tooth, which can be gotten rid of, the HH remains on the gun, cover or not.

That's why all my S&W wheelies are pre-HH models. The aversion to the HH can be seen on the auction sites, judging by the prices being asked - and apparently gotten - for pre-HH/"pre-lock" S&Ws.

All that said, the OP's still got a nice snubby.

Then, suddenly, a kitty hissed:
I promise "hillary hole" is about the most repugnant and ill mannered comment a gun thread can tolerate. If S&W gave to craps about your opinion being right, they would have long sense not been bought by a company that made the lock that has been around for 20 years.
That's cute. By the way, it's "two," not "to".
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