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I just went to Mossberg site and dropped them this message.

"Complaint about new-production Mossberg 500 shotguns: metal stamping/marking legibility, style, finish quality and cosmetics quality vs the older-production Mossberg shotguns

In 1995 I bought a new Mossberg 500 and in 1999 I bought a new Mossberg 590 pump-action shotgun. Both had the "Mossberg" trademark underneath the receiver with a large capital M and the rest of the letters lowercase which is what I totally loved about them. Sadly, both these former Mossberg pump shotguns of mine were parted with by me by the early 2000's, one stolen in a home burglary and the other sold by me used.

I just looked at a new-production Mossberg 500 field/security combo shotgun yesterday at my local gun shop and I'm sickened. I don't like the style and finish of this new Mossberg as compared with the older models I owned prior. The MOSSBERG marking is a newer style with all capital letters and the letters are closely spaced together. The bluing as real dark and shiny and does not contrast well with the stamping. The stamping is also rough and sloppy. I liked the smooth/even semi-gloss blue on the new Mossberg 500 I bought in 1995 as well as the older-style Mossberg bottom receiver stamping then. My 1999-purchased 590 had a nice matte finish I like as well as the same style Mossberg trademark style in crisp easy-to-read pleasing-to-the-eyes lettering. The new-style MOSSBERG lettering, the excessively-shiny/excessivley dark finish and the difficult-to-read markings are the deal-breaker for buying the new Mossberg 500 field/security model.

When did Mossberg discontinue Model 500 shotguns with this older 1990's-style Mossberg trademark as described above? Shame on Mossberg for not keeping the same great finishes and crisp easy-to-read markings of the 1990's. You sure have gotten sloppy in the cosmetics department over the years. It's not what I would ever have expected from Mossberg. I'm now seeking a good older-production Mossberg 500 on the used gun market for this reason. "

A reply is yet to follow from Mossberg.
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