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Who is an expert on Mossberg shotguns: questions

I just saw a new-production Mossberg 500 yesterday at my LGS and I don't like it at all. The deal-breaker is the fit and finish where the trademark is stamped on the bottom of the receiver.

They use a new style of MOSSBERG lettering in all caps which is sloppy and hard to read. The dark bluing is also shiny and rough. I liked the stamping and finish on the two Mossys I bought new in the 1990's: a 500 and a 590. Sadly one was lost in a home burglary and the other was sold when money was tight. I do love the marking style and quality on those 1990's-built Mossbergs. The older-model bluing wasn't too shiny and the lettering were highly legible.

Here is a picture attached below I found online of the old Mossy trademark: big capital M and the rest of the letters in lowercase. Crisp and easy to read. Note that the bluing in the marking area is semi-gloss and the dark letting has a clear contrast with the smooth semi-gloss finish. I'm nuts about the legibility of markings and neatness of markings on firearms.

I also have a 2005 Remington 870 I bought used in 2017 and that has nice clean trademark markings too. I also like its matte metal finish. I haven't seen new-production Remmys so I can't speak for their fit and finish quality.

Here is my question: what is the final production year for this older style Mossberg trademark I crave so much? I want to try to find a nice secondhand one. Gunmakers have really slacked off on the finish department.
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