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Accept it. With a flintlock, it's inevitable that there will be some pressure lost as gases vents out the touchhole. Same thing happens with muzzle loading cannons. I will concede this is one advantage cap guns (including inlines) like Minie Rifles do have a slight dedge over flintlocks, wheellocks or matchlocks. While there still is some gas escaping from a cap gun, it's not to the same extent as with a smokepole with a touchhole.

Want superior gas sealing? That's what BPCRs are for. That brass cartridge seals the breech.

I can't find the video, but someone tried to make a 155 mm howitzer shoot a shell loaded with black powder and a fuse. Of course this compromised the gas seal and the gun went KaBoom. Not that big black powder guns can't be made. The 18" at Fort Rinelli (Malta) was a muzzloe loader with one hoist to deliver powder and the other the shell.
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