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I'd considered buying the parts, but the reason I'm doing all of this is to learn. I don't actually need a superbly accurate mosin with 200 hours into it, I just felt like learning by doing. Since I work in a machine shop, I figured making the tools would also help me learn more about machining.
The other reason is that most parts are intended for Rem700 or Savage platform. Most of them don't work so well with a mosin action, except for the "universal" tools, which don't particularly fit anything well.
I did find some pictures of action mandrels, and they're almost exactly what I planned to make, so I'll just go ahead as planned.

The reason that I bedded the action and barrel before truing it is because I likely won't have time to true it for another few months, but I want to shoot it now. If just bedding the action gets me to 2 MOA or so, I'll be happy to hunt with it for deer season, and then redo the bedding job this winter when I true the action.
I really appreciate all the advice, I have zero experience with stuff like this, so it's good to be able to just ask questions!
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