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I don't know abut bedding bull barrels but have done a number of sporter barrels over the years. First one I did was a Skao L61 in 7mm mag. Hadn't heard of free floating yet at that time so bedded the action and barrel solid all the way. Great shooting! Then heard about floating and back then the though was to float the barrel from just in front of the chamber area of the barrel out Have done several that way and they shot very well. Then got to the float from the reciever all the way. Do that now and rifle's do very well. I think important to know is that I also always bed the action. I don't believe an action can be bedded by machine or hand as well as by using something like JB Weld, I love the stuff! I might suspect that hanging a bull barrel could create a problem with the reciever, pretty heavy chunk of steel. I think were it me I'd solid bed the whole thing first and see how it goes. Then if it doesn't satisfy, simply sand out the bedding under the barrel to float it. Maybe first time to just in front of the chamber and if that doesn't work, them all the way. Something I didn't mention is the recoil lug. I always remove material from that area and bed it also. But I put a couple layer's of tape on the side's and bottom to keep them from touching the bedding. If you float the barrel all the way first, I believe you'll get a better bed on the action. But if you do, I recommend it, before setting the barrel action back in the stock with wet bedding, tape around the front of the barrel so it won't weight down the stock and pull up on the rear action screw. The tape need's to stop the barrel from pulling down in the stock. Then when you remove the whole thing the barrel will be floated. You float it, don't use bedding, simply refinish the wood. I don't care for the dollar bill test either. If your gonna float, float! With dollar bills I fold the bill into four layers but these days I simply use a piece of printing paper folded in half. Yu can't float to much but you can not enough.
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