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correct amount of stock contact for bull barrel

I'm working on a 375 H&H mosin with a 1.25" bull barrel, 22 inches long.
Inletting the stock for the barrel, I seem to recall my mentor telling me not to do a full free float on 1"+ bull barrels, but instead to pillar and glass bed the action and rear 10% of barrel, because heavy barrels need a little more support.
Problem being, this was a long time ago, I might be remembering wrong, and I've never done it. Actually, I don't do stock work barely at all.
I'm only doing this because when I first inlet the stock, the barrel was touching in some places, and had both horizontal and vertical stringing when it heated up. Glass and pillar bedding are already on my list of things to do.

So my question is, do I free float the entire thing?
Free float except for a few inches in front of the receiver?
Do I glass bed the part of the barrel in front of the receiver?

This is a personal project, so I don't mind getting creative, but I'd prefer to have some advice before attempting.
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