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Originally Posted by TomNJVA View Post
The VA Governor has stated the legislation will include a grandfather clause. In fact I read that VA law prohibits new laws to be enforced retroactively, so he probably had no choice. He also said that grandfathered assault weapons will need to be registered with the state within six months. It is not clear whether this registration applies to other grandfathered equipment such as high capacity magazines.

The VA House of Delegates reconvenes on January 8th at which point the negotiations begin. Given the backlash against the proposed legislation and the number of purple counties it is likely the laws will be softened significantly. The Governor's opening gambit is to ask for the moon and sound strong and determined. We'll see.
I can see that Art of the Deal type approach to a compromise, but the level of toxicity involved in VA right now, causes me to believe they are not trying to reach any compromise. Specifically Northam, who wants to get from under the cloud of his racist KKK black face scandal and emerge as some national hero in the eyes of the democrats by taking down a once Red State. I think Northam and the VA dems in the house and senate want an incendiary incident of great magnitude as soon as possible. I could be wrong. Anyone who lives in rural and suburban VA, knows that there is absolutely no reason for any gun control law to be passed... not a single one. Life is pretty good in VA and if you are in and around suburbia and the mountains, you are in heaven. Everything that is happening is right out of the hard drives of the Center For American Progress and all they did is change the names, dates and locations before they printed it out. All thanks to outside influence.

I think Northam and the dems are creating a powder keg and when it goes off, they already have their talking points emailed to them and printed out, ready to spew about how Trump is responsible. Much like the way the democrats are blaming Trump for the attack on the Jews in Monsey, NY... and how Cuomo, Deblasio and Newsom are blaming Trump for the homeless crisis. Facts don't matter, they create their own facts, they just need something horrific to take place... like someone defending their family, property and freedom from a corrupt unconstitutional government. I could be wrong.
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