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On a personal note, it ends when you do.

Otherwise, no, it never ends. there is always a wolf at the door that must be guarded against. Or an enemy at the gate, though they may wear the same clothes you do...

For the truly cynical it boils down to this, if there are no guns (and of course the ammo to feed them) in the hands of those who might oppose their wishes, then no guns can be used against them. And, do note they don't do much to take the guns from the hands of the people who WORK for them....

For those who are just misguided, they see the harm that "guns" cause (ignoring the people who are pulling the triggers) and feel if they get rid of guns, it will get rid of harm.

Ask the city fathers of Carthage about that....oh, wait, sorry, you can't, they were put to the sword....
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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