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Suppressing a Yugo M92

My girlfriend just picked up a M92 PAP pistol for me at a LGS the other day. I plan to SBR it and got to thinking I'd like to be able to suppress it without having to alter the firearm (i.e. have it re-threaded) if at all possible. I have a stamp for a SiCo Hybrid 46 on the way that should be here in or around June. While looking around on I came across this thread adapter for the M92 and wondered if it would be suitable for either attaching my Hybrid 46 using the 5/8x24 direct thread mount that it comes with or (if need be/for ease of use) attaching one of SiCo's ASR muzzle devices to the thread adapter and mounting the suppressor to it using SiCo's ASR mount. I have read that barrel concentricity is an issue with suppressing M92's but I was hoping that maybe with the SiCo Hybrid 46 being a .46 multi-cal suppressor that I might avoid that issue.

I came across a video where using the SiCo Hybrid 5/8x24 direct thread onto the thread adapter from seemed to work well for this guy unless he's unknowingly ruining his suppressor in doing so.

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