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Getting into semantics here, but it is obvious I am referring to the lack of openings on the bottom of (a properly timed) A2 muzzle device.
Yes, we are getting into semantics, because semantics is the study of what words mean.

There are a lot of things in our lives that have names that are used interchangeably, and incorrectly in casual conversation. Generally we understand the intended meaning from context.

However, when discussing technical matters, particularly specific machinery parts, using the wrong term can easily result in confusion, and even getting the wrong part.

Every post before this one,

The A2 flash hider also has a secondary purpose of reducing the amount of dust being kicked up when shooting prone (hence the solid bottom of the flash hider).
using the term flash hider, was general enough that it would apply to flash hiders, even though context gave me the impression they should have been saying flash suppressor.

The statement about the A2 muzzle device, is true, and was specific enough that it was clear it was not a flash hider being referred to. The solid bottom of the A2 flash suppressor also performs another function, it acts as a compensator to reduce muzzle rise. The amount of the effect is arguably something the shooter might not notice, given the overall straight line design of the rifle and the small caliber, but depending on who you talk to, the intent of the solid bottom, and its advantage over the older "birdcage" design was that it reduced muzzle climb, and kicking up less dust from the prone position was simply an added bonus.
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