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There are a very few manufacturers that will deal directly with the law abiding public and work with them to provide a factory built SBR. When the weapon is purchased and transferred that way there is no requirement at all to have any additional engraving on the weapon.

That said, most of our clients that get factory SBR's like us to laser engrave "Registered SBR" on it. Usually on the right side, just above the hammer and trigger pins. That leaves the magazine well area free for any other kind of image that would like laser engraved in that location.

Buying a complete factory gun has some advantages over doing it yourself too. You get the full factory warranty and service department backing you.

If you use one of your current lower receivers and have a C2 manufacturer register it, your still going to have to pay the $200 to transfer it to you. That $5 deal is for an AOW only, not a SBR. Also, if you use one of your current lowers the C2 will have to engrave his company name and city/state on it. The only way to get away from having additional engraving on it is to purchase it as a factory made and registered SBR.

Hope this info helps!

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