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Nav Specwarfare

Jamie: The Navy SOCOM as well as Army Special Forces use plain old Commercial Off The Self (COTS) ammo. Nothing special as one might think. The NAVY has GSA Schedules and Naval Contracts for ammo manufacturers/distributors. When they get crates of the stuff in, it may be packaged in something 'military' looking, but in all actuality it's the same stuff you buy at "Bill's Sporting Goods" just devoid of the pretty box. It's all crappy, ball, ammo.

Snipers either use their own custom loads or Black Hills Brand ammo.

There are custom rounds out there, and that load data and use is generally held in a classified status. It's best that the conversations relating to, stays put.

Military Police and your Adverage Sentury use full ball. There are rumors of units using things other than ball ammo... it's just that. rumors. Very seldom do military units use anything else. The Geneva Convention doesn't allow the use of special ammo. Under most cases, the use of such in combat could constitute war crimes....

Any reloading manual will give you the load data you desire. Its all the same accross the board.
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