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1. Here's the link to the ATF's firearms forms page. When I looked tonight, the 5320.1 (Form 1) that you need is offline, but I'm sure it will be back soon.
2. Your local police station will answer this for you. They that fingerprint you will likely furnish the cards when you pay to have your prints taken. Most are on computer now.
3. NO. Just having the parts to build an illegal weapon is illegal. Now, if you also had a pistol marked/registered lower, then it would be ok since that upper could be for the pistol lower.
4. Yes, you will have to have the new manufacturer's name and city/state engraved in. YOU are the new manufacturer, so it will be your name or your companys' name and that city/state.
5. Once you are approved and have the paperwork in hand, yes, you can then install any length upper you want.
6. You will also have to have your local LE boss (chief, sheriff, etc) sign off on the Form 1, but the rest is right.
7. No, an SBR is always $200. An AOW (Any Other Weapon) is $5.
8. Still $200.
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