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Need some help on a project (SBR)

I have looked at the other threads for doing an SBR but I don't understand still.
1.what and where do I get the form to sbr my ar15?
2.where do I get the fingerprint cards from?
3.can I buy the short upper without the paperwork and not put it on my gun?
4.I think I read somewhere I have to engrave the receiver?
5.once the paperwork is back i can do whatever I want to it as long as it has a stock? right?
6. when i get the paperwork just fill it out with prints and photos andsend it in with the check and wait?
7. I know it is 200 if i change it over but only 5 when i have a dealer (certified) do it for me.
8. If I find a dealer does he have to keep the gun until the paperwork comes back?

I have done this once for a can but the dealer helped me do everything.
thanks as always for the help
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