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Just a quick update. The brass i ordered in June is still on back order. So, it was time to take matters into our own hands.

I took .303 brit brass, trimmed it to 52.9mm, then resized in 6.5 x 54MS dies, with a .303 shellholder.

I made up 20 rounds of 90 gr speer HPs, with 30gr of H4895, seated to 2.80".

My son and I took it out to the range today for its first trip in probably 50-60 years. The widow of the previous owner said she never saw him shoot it in all their years together.

He got a dandy 1.5" 5 shot group at 50 yards, almost perfectly dead center and 2" high.

We then proceeded to the 100 and 150 yard plates, hitting them almost every shot.

My son's smile on his face said all i needed to hear about this nifty little sporter rifle
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