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I read the article and I didn't get what "reasonable controls" gun companies were suppose to implement
Because there aren't any. Say Smith & Wesson sells a gun to a distributor in good faith, who then sells it to a retailer in good faith, who then sells it to a consumer after doing all the necessary background checks and paperwork. Then the gun gets stolen from the end user and gets used in a crime. The state will go after S&W by any means they can.

This isn't about public safety; it's about destroying the firearms industry. It's not a coincidence that the original lawsuits against gunmakers were supported by then-HUD-secretary Andrew Cuomo. He bragged that those lawsuits would be "death by a thousand cuts" for the gun industry.

They loved that strategy, and boy did they get steamed when it was taken away from them. They're going to do everything they can to find a backdoor and try again.
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