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Premature slide lock is a common 1911 bug. In my experience, there are three common causes:
-shooter induced by bumping the slide lock lever externally in recoil
-nose of the projectile feeding up bumps the slide lock lever internally
-caused inertially by recoil and slide velocity effecting movement of the
slide lock lever

If you determine it is an ammo issue, changing projectile types MIGHT solve the problem of internal bump. It is a common practice to LIGHTLY dimple the face of the slide lock lever to address issues 2 & 3. There are also aftermarket slide lock levers made with a step machined in the face that will help to retain the lever against the plunger. It is also possible that your plunger is sticking (possible with a new gunked gun) or a weak plunger spring. I have also read about folks solving prelock by using recoil buffer or a heavier recoil spring to soften slide slap against the frame.
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