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Kimber 1911 10mm help

Ok folks, Ive been out of the 1911 game for some time now. I just purchased a new Kimber TLE RL II 1911 Custom 10mm. Went to the range. Shooting Federal 180gr FMJ and Winchester Silvertips 175Gr. Every other shot the slide catch would halfway engage the slide locking it back. This would happen an average of four times out of an 8 round Kimber factory magazine. The gun is new, I did not strip and clean before shooting. I love the way this gun looks and shoots when it does. After the last shot, the slide catch fully locks in place and locks the slide back like it supposed to. What is causing the slide catch to halfway engage during shooting rendering it a single shot? My plan is to strip and clean, then try better mags like maybe Wilson Combat mags. I really want to keep this gun. Please tell me it's probably and magazine issue Thanks for yalls help in advance.
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