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Now, are these You Tube warriors better shots then the average shooter? Yep, they sure are. But picking up a revolver, cold, no practice shots, no sighting shots, just load and shoot, and hitting a 6 inch gong at 300 yards first shot? Nope, it's called editing.
Don't forget that these guys are literally getting paid to shoot free ammo.

With enough practice at the same targets, on the same range any of us could likely shoot like these guys. Like Rob Leatham says, "it's not complicated, just difficult". Perfect practice makes perfect performance.

I was watching one gun review the other day where the guy was saying that his (free) ammo resupply was cut back so he only was able to shoot 1000 rounds through the latest gun he was reviewing. How many of us shoot 1000 rounds the whole year (yeah I'm sure some of guys will now post and say you do, but most? no.)
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