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Well, it's all about scale.

Reduce your BB gun targets to the same scale as we use with powder burners and then come back and ask that question. I shoot metallic silhouette in competition. Our targets for high power rifles are from just short of 1.5 feet tall x 3 feet wide at the 500m target to around 10x12 inches at the 200m target. When we use airguns at 20-45 yards the small targets at 20 yards are the size of a postage stamp. The 45 yard targets are about 3.2 inches wide. The game is shot standing up without any: shooting jackets, special shoes, gloves, sling. If you can reliably take a bb gun and even hit those targets more than 80% of the time then you're a world class shot. Group sizes that would be acceptable would be smaller than the actual BB. I have won my class 5 times in my state and I would class myself as an average silhouette shooter at best. For me to hit 60% of the time on a metallic silhouhette course is me having a pretty good day.

Originally Posted by someone who is aching for a reality check
i will tell i can easily outshoot most youtube gun channel shooters
How to say this politely.... I'll bet you $100 right now you couldn't even keep up hickock45 if he was hung over and had a broken hand. That man is a master class shooter in silhouette. To get there you start at >80% hits. Most of the rest of the YT personalities are not competition grade. I'll bet you a further $100 that you couldn't even beat me. I'll even pay for your entry fee into a formal metallic silhouette competition so you can have a third party independently log and report.

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