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An over whelming majority of those You Tube videos fall into the category of "cheap entertainment" for me anyhow. They are highly edited. You'll see someone shoot an old beat up Taurus .38 revolver at a gong target 300 yards away and hit it first time. That's not skill, it's editing. Ok, skill at editing. He may have shot 20 times to get that one hit, but you don't see that. Oh, the shooter will tell you he did it first shot. He will look right into the camera, and lie to you.

Didn't 22plinkster throw up his wedding ring and put a .22 bullet through the ring in mid air first shot? Maybe not him but someone like him. You believed that? I don't and I won't. Was it good entertainment? Sure was.

Now, are these You Tube warriors better shots then the average shooter? Yep, they sure are. But picking up a revolver, cold, no practice shots, no sighting shots, just load and shoot, and hitting a 6 inch gong at 300 yards first shot? Nope, it's called editing.
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