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Well, I’m sure you are rock solid with air guns....possibly better that all of us.

I think you will find that “ gun powder operated guns” have a completely different feel consider they use different actions, they have recoil with each shot, that recoil drives how the gun is held, how long follow up shots take and has a real effect on practical accuracy. In addition, the internal ballistics of a particular ammo have a big impact on intrinsic accuracy of the round where air guns are mechanical except pellet shape. For example, a best quality 1911 can be shot 5 shots into 2-2.5” at 50 yards. With a Ransom Rest, it does about the same. Top IPSC shooters are shooting at this level.

If you think you can beat them, pick up a rig and get out there. IDPA and IPSC shooters would love to have another competitor in the sport!

Back to the stock question, it is about points of contact. If you have a can only have one hand on the gun, it is less stable than 2. If 2 hands and a shoulder, better accuracy due to hold. If you have a front sandbag rest, even more stable....add a rear sand bag for even better support. The more points of contact and the more stability you build into the system, the better. Look at the short range benchrest guys....masters of stability and support.

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