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Originally Posted by FrankenMauser
The same licensing and tax requirements that apply to loaded ammunition also apply to components.
Originally Posted by 44 AMP
You do need the required business licenses and permits to sell bullets (just the projectiles)
I specifically said that you don't need an FFL to make and sell bullets (projectiles).

Since two people have now stated that just making bullets requires licenses and permits, for the enlightenment of Chaparral (the OP) and any other readers who may be contemplating the same thing -- please enumerate what licenses and permits are required to make and sell bullets. I'm sure it varies by state, and perhaps even by municipality -- for the life of me, I can't think of a single license or permit that I would require if I wanted to set up shop and make bullets to sell at gun shows or over the Internet. The same applies to cases -- not that I'm in any way capable of making them.
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