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I never thought Virginia would enact the gun laws they did this year.
I am on the board of of a major range and outdoor club in No. Virginia.

I will tell you what happened from my perspective talking with both lifelong Virginia residents and new transplants. They were complacent at the time when they could have had an impact. You had people saying "both parties are the same on this" when all the evidence points and data on the issue become more and more politically aligned in a clear 30 year trend, the point where it is the most politically aligned issue.

I'd ask, "by the way who is your House of Delegates or Virginia Senate member?" I don't think I more than one person who knew until the massive VCDL response, which was helpful but also kinda after the horse left the barn. People also don't realize why what should otherwise and elsewhere be GOP voters would vote blue in most of Virginia. Take an example of a small medium or large business owner. Typically their interest is red. But in Norther Virginia, and in fact in Norfolk as well, they either are directly dependent on larger government, or in a business affected by the size of government. Secondly the demographic shift is profound in increasing the demographic that is singularly and in all surveys most opposed to firearms: Hispanic women. Also of note i dont think Bloomberg spent any more in a state than he spent in Virginia, courting all ways he spent in direct candidate contribution, arms length 527 etc , and gun control group c4 and c3 activity, that while technically not FEC defined electioneering, effectively election impacting.

As far as California, ammo and prop 63. When you put a ballot initiative up, are poling at 57% support and in the end get approval from more than 2/3 of the electorate as Prop 63 on ammo got, you are half slapping yourselves selves on the back -- but are also thinking you could have gotten more.

And this is what the anti-gun people are aiming for. Make purchasing a gun or ammunition so expensive, so onerous and so time consuming that people just plain give up owning firearms.
Not just for you but for your transmittal of the firearms virus. They think you have an illness, and are highly contagious. You will die off eventually so long term the most important thing is you not take a female friend from a neighborhood that has a spike in sexual assaults', or several of your 25 year old son's friends to the range, and transmit the virus to the next generation.

From what I've heard, shipping ammo into CA is illegal. I'd guess it's illegal to drive out of State to buy it too.
I'm in DC (where ironically I can and do get ammo shipped to me). But LOTS of pro gun websites that list various state laws incorrectly state otherwise. Moreover there is "chilling effect" where if the jurisdiction looks unfriendly, despite the laws allowing something, companies will just decide not to.

Under the current CA system, if you have a gun registered in their system, can you buy any ammo? or just ammo in the caliber of the gun in their system??
Without prejudice to other states, or jurisdiction within states that don't have a state preeminence, we did have that for about four years in DC immediately following Heller. That condition ended in 2012, not as direct part of Heller II or III but under threat of lawsuit. AT the same time the DC code also newly allowed possessing ammo for training purposes if you were in process of obtaining a registration.
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