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Metal God. That's what he told me. If he mentioned that I had the other option, I wouldn't have bought it because I don't think it's worth the cost to buy the .22 ammo. I already have a small bag of .22lr my nephew gave me. And, if I want more, I can ask him to buy it for me next time and I'll reimburse him. When I told that clerk that I wasn't choosing his option he replied, "well, you don't get the ammo". Like I cared because, as I said, I have some .22lr rifle ammo ( just not the brand I wanted to buy ) and I both cast and reload.

On it's face, the two run-offs sound fair but don't you think that just makes California a 1 Party State? It's bad enough we have two. Ross Perot is the closest one I can remember that almost pulled it off and made a viable 3rd Party. I suppose we gun owners can best hope for is find enough 2A supporters for a Democratic Candidate that's not anti-gun.
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