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He said, I had to have bought a gun and gone through a background check in 4 years or take one of my existing guns and register it. Only then could I but the box of ammo.
The bold section is flat out wrong and he either is misinformed or straight lied to you . The first part is misleading when taken with the second part . I forget but thought is was 5 years but may be 4years from your last purchase . There are two different background checks they can do . One is a $1 instant check if you are already in the system because of a recent firearms purchase and because you have recently been in the CA background check system . If you have not purchased a firearm in 4/5 years there is another check they do that cost $19 and it can take literally anywhere from days to weeks to complete because they run an actual background check on you not just check existing records . Once that is completed you can buy ammo upon approval and you will now be in the system and the next purchase should only need the $1 instant check that usually takes about 20 to 40min start to finish . ( instant )

There is no need to register a firearm or even buy one which I've also heard with my own ears in a local gun store . The clerk behind the counter although did not say the customer had to buy a firearm to buy ammo . He manipulated the conversation to sound like buying a gun right then was the best and easiest way to do it . I wish I would have said something right then and there but I just turned and walked out never to return to Fine Firearms in La Mesa CA . The clerk never even mentioned the $19 check while I was there , Just said if you haven't bought a gun recently you will not be able to buy ammo today which is true . Maybe he got around to mentioning the longer $19 check after I left or maybe he got the guy to buy a gun but he did say your best bet is to buy one now . Anyway the reason the clerk could even say such a thing is "if" you buy a gun . The background check for that purchase is also good to buy ammo but the gun purchase is not required or the easiest .

Thank god I reload . I've not bought ammo since the law went into effect . I tried once because of a new firearm I wanted to test . Not newly bought but new complete AR-10 upper which did not need a background check . Regardless , I was in walmart and thought while I'm here I'll pick up some factory ammo to test the in the new upper . The clerk said sorry nobody here authorized to sell ammo right now . He gave me a time I could come back the next day which I did and again was turned away . Not because nobody could sell me any but because I did not have two forms of ID with me That was the first and last time I have tried to buy ammo here in CA .

There is such a case, Rhode v Becerra.
Yep , a good buddy of mine is a party to the case and I've sat in on the proceedings before COVID hit .

It's so bad that there's no Republicans running and the vote is D vs D!
Yes and no and it's a reason I'm conflicted on . The top two vote getters if nobody gets 50% face off in a run off . Well in CA the top two vote getters are often two Dems . The conflict I have in my head is that I actually understand and almost agree that the top two vote getters should have a run off , if 70% of the voters want one of these two people . It seems reasonable they should be in the run off . However with are two party system ( not really but really ) we should have both sides represented in the final voting process . At least the last 3 senate voting cycles in CA we could only choose from two Dems . I'm an independent but would like the option of the lesser of two evils
If Jesus had a gun , he'd probably still be alive !

I almost always write my posts regardless of content in a jovial manor and intent . If that's not how you took it , please try again .

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