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Originally Posted by 50 shooter View Post
Burbank, do you know if there's any lawsuits fighting the ammo law?

Maybe we can get it before Judge Benitez and he can get it over turned! I'm sick and tired of these B.S. laws that the Demonrats keep coming up with!
There is such a case, Rhode v Becerra. (The Plantiff is Kim Rhode, the Olympic Gold medalist shotgunner). It's been to Judge Benitez and he overturned the law in no uncertain terms. However, the state appealed it to the Ninth District. It's currently on trial there, so background checks are still required.

Here's a link to Judge Benitez's ruling. It's worthwhile reading.

Originally Posted by 50 shooter View Post
Why people are ok with them having the super majority? W.T.F happened to the Republican party?! It's so bad that there's no Republicans running and the vote is D vs D!
Elections in California have been set up in such a way that it's no longer the Democratic primary winner vs. the Republican primary winner. The primaries are run with all the contestants running against each other and the top two run off in the election. This often results in D vs D elections.
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