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Connecticut requires a permit to buy ammunition. If you don't have a pistol permit, you can apply for a "certificate of eligibility to purchase ammunition." According to a friend of mine who lives there, to get the ammo certificate requires about the same things as a carry permit, so he's going for the full permit even though he doesn't anticipate buying a handgun.

The funny thing (funny as in ironic, not funny as in amusing) is that his father, who died earlier this year, as an avid reloader -- for precision rifle. And my friend has owned long guns since he was a teenager. He inherited his father's reloading gear and supplies, so he has the capability right now of loading thousands of rounds in various calibers that would make a sniper drool with envy ... but he can't walk into a Walmart and buy a box of .22.

His wife's sister and her family live in New Hampshire and they visit there frequently, so (at least until the shortage) he just buys his ammo there. He has applied for his carry permit in Connecticut but, from what he has told me, the background checks are all backed up so what's supposed to be a 30 t0 45 day process is currently running six months or longer.
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