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Here's some interesting background about those NATO pdw trials. Around the 9:00 mark the narrator talks about the 7N31. It's worth noting that neither the HK 4.6x30mm nor the FN 5.7x28mm were capable of defeating the Russian body armor of the time, as per independent testing after the fact:

I think in current times given the prevalence and affordability of plates rated for rifle threats (even on the US commercial market), threats that could potentially be defeated by a more powerful 9mm (use of which would liken shorten the life of service pistols) are relatively far down the list of concerns. The US military is concerned that near peer threats will be fielding body armor that will defeat 5.56x45mm, much less pistol rounds.

Lastly, you can buy 9mm on the US commercial market that can defeat level IIIa body armor. Defeating higher level threats isn't as easy.
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