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I have found that if I provide the coyotes with a steady supply of pig carcasses they will leave everything else alone.

Late winter calving, coyotes are the most damaging.

They often get blamed for stuff that bobcats kill because the coyote is caught red handed in many cases, when in reality, they were finishing what the cat started.

In my opinion, feral dogs and coy-dogs are the most dangerous to farm animals.

every farm ends up a coyote or a few that kills livestock on a regular basis that needs to be taken out.

Coyote control is still very important, as a few well fed coyotes are way better than a bunch of starving desperate animals.

my coyote hunting attempts are always failures LOL.

The above statements are merely opinions based on personal observations. the whole post could be dead wrong. LOL

If I ever were able to get coyotes would probably be .223.
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