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When I was a kid I got a Ruger Single-6 nib on a trade. This was my first quality 22. My buddies all had H&Rs, IJs or import knock offs. My S-6 was Target grade compared to them. A little later I got a K22 nib on another deal. I had no interest in DA revolvers. Most because of the H&Rs and IJs. Anyway a buddy of mine pestered me to shot the K22. I didn’t want to make it “used “ but finally gave in.
It was a long time before I shot my S-6 again. We were positively astounded by the accuracy of the K22. You have to cut some slack on this. It was 1964 and a lot of people didn’t have the money to buy a high quality 22 pistol. Also because of the reputation of the cheap 22s at the time they were considered toys. I still have my original K22 and several extras as well as m18s and m34s. When I’m going to do some serious 22 shooting it the old k22 every time. Still have the old S-6 too. I have around 3 dozen 22 handguns and I have been selling them off, the last one to go will be the k22
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