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My google-fu tells me it is 7.65X65 Belgian, and it looks like it was chambered in some FN Express Double rifles.

Notes: This rifle is an improved version of the old Browning Superposed shotgun, turned into a rifle. It is an over-and-under design, and has the addition of a reduced-wear breech and a top-lever system for selection of the barrel to be fired. Most of these rifles are built with expensive woods and intricate engraving on the action. Because of the design of the weapon, only one barrel may be fired at a time.
I can't really tell but it looks like a rimmed cartridge in the picture. I'd start trying to research double rifles and see if you can find more info. There really isn't much that I can find just by googling the cartridge. I imagine it'll be close to the .30-06 in ballistics just based on the case dimensions.
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