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Low Dough Walk-in Cooler Details... As Promised

Here are the details as written by the cooler owner...
Okay, here's what I know.

2 walls and ceiling are constructed of OSB with 6" foam board insulation, the two remaining walls are 6" fiberglass insulation. Inside dimensions are 8'X12'x11'. We also put down a 2" foam board under the concrete floor before pouring it, and standard metal insulated door. I lined the inside with corrogated tin from an old barn roof for ease of cleaning and additional barrier.

The cooler unit is 220V 22000 BTU air conditioner. Now if you can find an older one without the digital thermostat it makes things easier, but it can be accomplished with a digital style too if the installer knows what they are doing. I don't know the name or type of thermostat but my buddy that installed it works in HVAC and said it was just a $60.00 commercial thermostat.

In temps like we have now, 95 degrees and high humidity 70% or higher I could probably get the temps down to 45 degrees with some work. I've found during the hot months I have to gradually take the temp down and allow the inside to cool sufficiently and pull as much moisture out as possible before I take it down a few more degrees. During early fall when temps are 75 to 80 and lower humidity (50% or lower) I can usually have it down to 36 degrees in an hour or so.

The A/C unit we have probably isn't big enough for the size of the cooler we have, if you went with a smaller cooler size a 22K conditioner would work much better. Nothing wrong with over sizing the unit, it's just going to cool it down faster and make it work a lot less.

I'll try and post some pics, I should be heading down over the weekend.
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