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Thanks, Art and Brent. Great idea.
Hunting hogs in Texas has taught me there are few things more important than a couple of good, sturdy sharp knives and a saw. Also keep it clean and get it cold asap. A 250# or smaller hog fits nicely in a 100 qt Igloo with plenty of room for ice-after it's skinned out and quartered. I bone it and package it when I get home using quart and gallon Ziploc freezer bags and a Sharpie...and another good sharp knife or two. I package the hams, loins and tenderloins whole or in halves, bone out the shoulders, ribs, neck and other bits into chunks to be made into stew or sausage. I keep the meat as cold as possible (above freezing) for easier and safer processing. Label area on bags is ideal for description of contents and date. Nothing against commercial processing, I've just found it's not worth the hassle and expense. It's a job I enjoy doing and I'm proud of my results.
All the details are better covered elsewhere by folks much better at it than me but the above tips make things easier for me and result in a safer and easier to use "product". I process deer the same way, just not as often.
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