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Springfield Armory Mil Spec 1911-A1? Opinions...

I am looking at giving the 1911 another shot because my first full size 1911 didnt go so well (Para G.I. Expert) and its to popular a pistol to write off because I had a bad one. My question is are the Springfield Armory Mil Spec models worth the price they carry. I found one locally for $750.00 and its the kit that comes with 2 sets of grips,holster, mag pouch, 2 magazines, box and all. I know that price isnt a staggering good deal but its around what they are listing for on Gunboker. Anyone who owns one or has owned one are they worth the price? Good and bad points of it? Any inherent problems? There is also a Rock Island Armory for $400.00 but dont know much about these either. All help is appreciated.
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